Evening Talks

Artists evening talks and power point presentations – 10th – 15th June, in The Grande Medieval Barn
Free entry for Artists who have registered for that day.
£10 for the public.

The organisers will encourage the audiences to participate with questions for the Artists.

Monday June 10th, 6,30pm

Talk considering some different approaches to Landscape; attention, observation and purpose. Focusing on some overlooked greats in the History of Landscape Painting.

Talk by John Meaker organiser of the Festival, and resident tutor at Abbotsbury Studio.

Tuesday June 11th, 6,30pm

Binny Mathews, is a Dorset Artist, versatile and sensitive. Lecturer in Fine Art, she is an accomplished Landscape painter and a celebrated Portrait painter having exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. She was one of the finalists in the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year competition 2022. Binny will talk about her work in collaboration and dialogue with her Sculptor son Rufus Martin.

Wednesday June 12th, 6,30pm

Frances Hatch will talk about her work. Her attention to the world around her, foraged materials, shamanic insights into the place, all exemplify a special vision and environmental consciousness. Frances has recently been artist in residence at Brentwood, John Ruskin’s home in the Lake District.

Thursday June 13th, 6,30pm

Simon Fletcher distinguished specialist in watercolour and Pastel. Lives and works in the Languedoc since 1980. Has applied his unique skills in India, Yemen, up Mt. Fuji, and produced a book of French Vineyards.

Friday June 14th, 6,30pm

Another Interesting lecturer, to be announced.

Saturday June 15th, 6,30pm

Fernando Velazquez has developed a remarkable personal language of painting, evident in his various series “Paintings of the Floating World”, “Through the Veil” and recently “Cave Paintings of our Time”. He has exhibited individually in London, New York and Madrid and has participated in many collective exhibitions throughout Europe and America, in addition to his presence at numerous international art fairs.

“I paint to express the brutality and the beauty of life as I see it. I do not paint what I know, nor do I search perfection…For me painting is revolution, epiphany and light within darkness. Art for me, emerges from beauty, any kind of beauty that floods our senses, irrepressibly and inexplicably”.

“I realise that art follows a unique logic leading to a different kind of perception that constantly updates the way we understand the human condition. For me, art is a way of articulating hidden layers of timeless information about ourselves and the world around us.”

Fernando is a visionary artist opening great spatial landscapes of the imagination which open and reveal dark Goyaesque horrors of nature as well as bursts of sublime Angelic illumination.